Trying out new software is always fun…., right? Well, to help out on running gaming sessions, I have setup an instance of FoundryVTT and am hoping to run it though its paces this even in a DM’ing session. We shall see how it goes, but it does indeed look interesting. If you are already a member of the gaming party, you can head here to login and get your character sheet up to date.

I haven’t yet updated the events calendar for the next sessions. Hopefully after comparing FoundryVTT with Arkenforge I’ll have a better idea of when once deciding on the system to use during the game.


Events Calendar Added

All right, members, you can now view upcoming events and sign up for these from the website. This will mostly be used for scheduling items such as table top AD&D gaming sessions and such. If you have registered at the site, hop over to the calendar and see what’s happening!


Updates and required changes

So as summer winds down, yeah right, and I enjoyed a little quality time within my air conditioned home office to look into and implement several changes with our media aggregation systems, workflows, and automation and processes.

So what does this mean for our users?

Why, self-service of course.
This means you will need to make sure your profile email address is correct and that you have signed up for our newsletter here at the site. Otherwise you will miss any messages on registering for and accessing items such as:

For all of your video viewing needs

For requesting new media to be added
For viewing comics, eBooks and more
Barrett Coat of Arms

Site Make Over

Well it was time to refresh the site and make it a bit more useful. It will require everyone to resubscribe to the site, but I have tried to make that process easier by allowing the user Facebook, Google or Twitter sign up to speed through the process.

You can get to the sign up page by clicking here or login via clicking here or use the Members menu options.

If you do use one of the social media links to create a new account, you may still need to verify your account. This is typically done by following instructions in an activation email. If you did not receive the activation email, you can request a new one sent after logging in by going back to the login page and selecting the link there.